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[Ficlet] Special Milevatia’s Birthday :: Regret

  Choi Jinyeong Present . . . . “Regret” Summary : Penyesalan Thunder karena membiarkan seorang yang ia cintai mengharapkan lelaki lain. Disclaimer : Seunghyun (Thunder) belong to themselves and GOD! Haewoon belong to Vhatia-jumma. It’s her xD Still, Donghae & Sungmin are Mine, also this fanfiction~ Rating : T Genre : Angst | Friendship. […]

[Oneshot] That Woman

  __________________________________________________________________________________   That Woman   Disclaimer : All Chara(s) belong to SM-Ent, God, and Theirself.   Genre : Hurt | Comfort | Romance.   Rating : as usual, never be Mature!   Main Cast(s) : ~ Shin Haewoon ~ Kim Junsu ~ Kim Taeyeon   Pairing(s) : Woon x Su x Yeon.   Warning […]