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[01122012] f(Krystal), f(Sulli), SHINee’s Onew, & SJ’s Kyuhyun Message to Victoria’s Book



This is Vic umma’s introduction to Hong Kong and Macao! I’ve been really, really waiting for it!
These are places we go to often, but I had no idea that there were so many interesting places not a lot of people knew about.
I wish that one time, all the f(x) members would be able to go for a vacation according to the route Vic umma took.

Looking back at Hong Kong and Macao thoroughly like this is like having pictures sent out from her handphone in real-time!
As the book unfolds, I begin to get a picture of how fun and exciting this trip was for Vic umma.
I didn’t know that before, as I merely went to the places I had to go to…
In the future, I’ll browse all the places that showed up in this book. One by one.

After 1 year, the protagonist of the second travel episode has appeared. It’s Victoria noona!
It was fun to introduce our vacation,
but I didn’t think it would be so interesting to read another person’s travelog which is like a diary.
Hong Kong and Macao are as heated and passionate cities as Barcelona.
The vivid information that Victoria noona introduces is all here!

I was actually worried about being lonely while travelling alone to Hong Kong and Macau. After looking at Victoria’s expressions (note: maybe Kyuhyun was referring to Victoria’s facial expression from the pictures in her travel guide book), I would like to challenge myself to travelling alone to a place where it’s not boring but instead exciting and interesting, and not forgetting the wonderful and enriching Hong Kong and Macau travel guidebook. You should bring along Victoria’s guidebook when you are travelling to Hong Kong and Macau!

Cr : Victoria Hongkong & Macau

Via : Minstal Fanpage, Kimchi hana @SHINee.net, ourgyuhyun.


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