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[Random] Luna’s Birthday Fan Account

  • Krystal wore thin see-thru white t-shirt, blue hot pants and splash-patterned Nike shoes. The fashion that takes your breath away.
  • 4 members came into the event. Soojung came in with a very shy expression. She hid her face behind the queue card and only shown her eyes.
  • Soojung said she bought shoes (like Soojung was wearing that I described how they looked like earlier) for Luna for her birthday.
  • Luna said “Soojung went to the shop for buying HERSELF the shoes and then bought these for me T_T” but Soojung defended “No, it’s not! I went to buy YOUR shoes and I bought mine too!”
  • While having the Q&A corner, the girls told about the “Kimbap Incident”. Back when they were trainees, the f(x) members were so hungry that they asked Sehun to buy kimbap for them. Krystal said that Sehun got caught by the managers, Amber said that it was after the food had been ordered and delivered that he got caught (Back then Sehun was in middle school third grade or first year of high school). f(x) members were then scolded by the managers. After that, they don’t like to hear the words ‘Kimbab’ and ‘Seaweed’ for a long long time.


LOL. How dare they asked Sehun to do that? LMAO. Anyway, happy birthday for uri vitamin, Luna Park^^v


Cr : aknyeos @tumblr | MinStal Page ~ Minho SHINee and Krystal f(x) @facebook.


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